This brilliant American Flamenco Guitarist creates an intimate closeup concert and also engages the audience in a dialog about his work with Roger McGowen and about Flamenco music and culture.

An incredible and unforgettable experience!

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At our age of 81 and 87, we had almost given up on visiting Roger again, but it was

thanks to the generous offer of Beatrice and Pascal Bernard to organise the whole journey

that this much-longed-for encounter could take place.

We never quite know how a visit is going to turn out. The strict formalities of

entering Wynne Unit are sobering to say the least, and the waiting always sets us to

wondering if the meeting will ever be really friendly or fruitful. But at last we are let into the

final room and there sits Roger half way down the line of meeting areas — smiling and

pointing to the two empty seats on the other side of the glass-and-mesh separation. We

are relieved; yes, it’s going to turn out to be “just fine”.

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I had to wait in a line for 30 minutes in the cold before entering, passing the metal detector and a careful search - as it should be - with guards doing a verification of the ID, before heading to the visiting room.

Then, there is always a waiting time while the prisoner comes to the visiting room, which allows us time to buy something from the vending machines to offer him a ‘mini meal’ (chips of all kinds, dried meat or sausage, mini cake, chocolate bar, beverage, etc.). Then we are directed to a numbered place in the visiting room. Roger is radiant. Our hands and foreheads on each side of fine wire mesh. We are so happy to meet again!

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