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Messages of life from death row

by Pierre Pradervand
Published by
ISBN-13 : 9781439235607

This is an revised, adapted and expanded version published on 2009 of Pierre’s original book first published in French in 2003 with the title Messages de vie du couloir de la mort (Jouvence Editions).
On the cover one can read the following blurb by one of the most famous American campaigners against the death penalty in recent years, sister Helen Prejean, (author of Dean Man Walking): “I cannot too warmly recommend this book”.
The French, Dutch and English editions of this book have touched thousands of people in the whole world and deeply changed the lives of hundreds. It inspired a documentary by Nicolas Pallay which received prizes in two international film festivals and appeared on the most respected program of the French-Swiss TV, Temps Présent.
It is essentially based on the letters of Roger to Pierre, with additional background explanations on the US (and Texan) legal system, death row ad a few other issues. These letters are deeply moving, both in their deep humanity and amazing spiritual vision. They have touched people from every single class and social background. For 18 years I was a volunteer visitor of inmates at the local Geneva jail, and one young murderer was so moved by Roger’s book he read it three times and, despite his faulty English, started corresponding with Roger.

Roger’s initial book in French has been re-edited twice, once in 2013, and a second time in 2017 under a slightly different title: Messages de vie: un condamné à mort témoigne. It includes the contributions of 6 well-known writers in the field of personal development in France and Switzerland.

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